Anyone who has spent time in the agricultural equipment industry has run into a warranty claim. Bill Cushman has seen more than his share of claims during his 41 years around tractors, hay equipment and construction machinery.  

Repeatedly, he saw the three “C’s” of warranty claims: complaint, cause and correction. But Cush – man noticed something missing, so when he started Warranty Processing Services, LLC,(WPS) in 2016, he added the fourth “C”: comments.  

“A story about what occurred and why it occurred can be critical information when you file a claim,” said Cushman, president of WPS.  

That fourth “C” has become a cornerstone of WPS’s approach to warranty claim processing. Using photos and explanations of what happened to cause the damage, Cushman and his team have a success rate of more than 90 percent when filing claims.  

“The better the story, the more we can get on your labor dollars,” Cushman said. “Manufacturers will pay more than flat rate if we can explain why it took longer to take care of the repair.”  

Dealerships do not have the time or manpower to deal with major manufacturers and their warranty claim processes, often leading to a backlog of warranty claims and slowed cashflow from the process. But WPS files 100 percent of claims received, so busy business owners don’t have to be concerned whether their claims are being processed efficiently and effectively. 

“A story about what occurred and why it occurred can be critical information when you file a claim.”

— Bill Cushman

“Follow up is just as important as processing the claim,” Cushman said. “Whenever we add a new dealer, we always look at their recently filed claims to see if we can get additional funds for them. Inadvertently, there are always claims that need additional information, such as a picture or other information.”  

When a dealership partners with Warranty Processing Ser – vices, it consistently is informed of what’s happening with each claim. Every warranty claim is tracked and updated in the weekly report sent to the dealer each Monday afternoon. 

“Our fifth “C” is communication because we know dealers want to know what is happening during the process,” Cushman said. “Dealers have come to rely on our weekly report. It has up – dated information on every claim that has been filed and other important information that the dealer can look at with a phone, iPad or computer.  

“This report has evolved over several years based on input from our dealers, but is still very simple to read and goes to all personnel that dealers request. It started out going to just service managers, now there are numerous people in the dealerships that want this report.”  

Not only does partnering with WPS save dealers the time and expense of employing a claims specialist, it also saves money on claims that run into roadblocks. If a claim is denied, the dealership doesn’t owe WPS a dime for the claim. The way Cushman sees it, if a dealership is denied, there is no reason for WPS to add to the financial burden.  

“WPS is a family operation, as are many of our dealerships,” Cushman said. “We take a lot of pride in how we treat our partners. We treat each dealer how we would want to be treated. It’s just how we do business.” 

For more information, contact Bill Cushman at (251) 509-6545 or  

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