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Over half a century ago, leaders from segments of the farm equipment industry, supporting industries and California's agriculturally oriented educational institutions established the Tractor & Equipment Club. It brought together manufacturers, wholesalers, factory representatives, publishers, bankers, educators, engineers and their associates; and gave them, for the first time, a common ground for exchanging ideas of merit and influencing the sound growth of the industry. Since then, in hundreds of separate actions over half a century, the Club has exerted and organized influence on matters and issues of common concern to its members. The name was changed from Club to Association to reflect the true function of this organization.

Scholarship Program

The Tractor & Equipment Association has a scholarship program where an award of $1,000 is given to an Ag Student. Freshmen through Senior students who are enrolled in a college, junior college or a Tech School are eligible for the scholarship. In addition, high school graduates are eligible for consideration for the scholarship. The main criteria for the selection of the scholarship is:

  • A good student with a "B" average in school.
  • Financial need based on family income and student income.
  • Interested in a career in Ag related business.
  • Good references.

About Us

  • T & E provides an interface with various educational, engineering, marketing and dealer organizations where common interests are involved.
  • T & E provides a unified, organized means of monitoring and influencing legislation and government affairs as the mutual need dictates.
  • T & E promotes the common interest of the farm equipment industry and cooperates to create conditions in the California marketplace that are favorable to member firms.
  • T & E provides an opportunity to know and associate with others active in the industry, and to work with them on constructive actions in matters of common interest and common good.
  • T & E provides support for California's major farm equipment shows and maintains a close relationship with show management exerting a strong, unified and conservative influence as deemed favorable to the industry.
  • T & E cooperates and interacts with the agriculturally oriented colleges and universities and donates scholarship funds to one.
  • T & E is the principal contact between the retail dealers trade association and the manufacturers active in this market. The two groups interact on matters of mutual concern.

Board of Directors

Sandy Fiack
Zenith Insurance
Chowchilla, California

Vice President
Joel Seal
B.W. Implement Co.
Buttonwillow, California

Immediate Past President
Victor Duraj
U.C. Davis - Bio & Ag Engineering
Davis, California

Bob Foiles
Ag Alert / California Farm Bureau
Sacramento, California

Darryl Fountain
Solex Corporation
Dixon, California

Andrew Cummings
T.G. Schmeiser, Inc.
Fresno, California

Guarian (Bubba) Simnacher
Land Pride
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

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