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The passage of Senate Bill 3 in 2016, which authorized the increase of the California Minimum Wage to $15.00 per hour by 2022 or 2023 has raised concerns about how a section of Wage Orders, specifically Section 9(B) of Wage Order Number 7 (and several others) will be enforced in the future.

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CA Gov proposes last state budget

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) unveiled the final budget of his tenure, a plan calling for $199.3 billion in total spending and projecting an $8.8 billion surplus, $7.6 billion of which would be deposited into two reserve funds in preparation for the next recession.

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URGENT: OSHA requires injury tracking

On April 30, 2018, federal OSHA posted a “trade release” requiring all affected employers to submit injury and illness data in the federal OSHA Injury Tracking Application (ITA) online portal, even if the employer is covered by a state plan that has not completed adoption of their own state rule.

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Wyoming dealers’ grass–roots effort halts bill, CA is next

Far West equipment dealers convinced Wyoming legislators in February that WY HB 91, the “Right to Repair Farm Equipment,” would have unintended, negative consequences as written. The Wyoming measure, aimed directly at the ag equipment industry, is among 19 “Right-to-Repair” bills introduced in statehouses across the country in the past year that would force manufacturers…

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