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Right-to-Repair Resources

The dealer “toolkit” is designed to answer your questions and provide you with guidance and support on illegal equipment modification. In addition, this kit provides you with educational information for your customers.


  • Posters & banners
  • Sales/service counter pop-up stands
  • Q&A
  • Customer tri-fold flyer
  • Trade-In/Service Release Form
  • Social Media Assets

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Equipment Industry Supports End User 'Right-to-Repair'

Equipment industry leaders say they're on track to honor their commitment to provide access to product information and the necessary tools for end users to diagnose and repair their machinery starting in 2021.

Colorado “Right-to-Repair” Bill Dead for 2020

Colorado’s “Right-to-Repair” bill was withdrawn by sponsors during a May 27 hearing of the Business and Labor Affairs Committee at the Colorado Capital.

EPA Highlights Enforcement Actions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified numerous companies and individuals who have manufactured and sold both hardware and software specifically designed to defeat required emissions controls on vehicles and engines used on public roads as well as on non-road vehicles and engines.

Did CFBF Sell Out Farmers on Right to Repair?

Let’s face it. No compromise is going to be good enough for those who are demanding total access to the software that has been developed to make everything work together on today’s tractors. It’s an all or nothing deal. But you have to give the California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF), which represents farmers, and Far West Equipment Dealers Assn. (FWEDA), which represents dealers, credit for trying.

EPA Addresses Illegal Engine Tampering, Enforcement of Clean Air Act 

FWEDA hosted a special bonus session during the 2019 Convention to educate and assist dealerships across FWEDA's territories in navigating the challenges of illegal engine tampering. Janice Chan, Senior Enforcement Officer with the U.S. EPA's Region 9 Enforcement Division, discussed the agency's National Compliance Initiative to stop aftermarket defeat devices for vehicles and engines, as well as best practices to avoid violations of the Clean Air Act (CAA).

Nevada State Capital

Nevada Equipment Dealers Oppose "Right-to-Repair"

Equipment dealers in Nevada are unified in their opposition to "Right-to-Repair" legislation which would allow for unfettered access to the software that governs on-board technology on equipment. We believe this legislation is overly-broad in scope, and unnecessary in light of the commitment our industry has made to users.

Equipment dealers sat down with Asm. Robin Titus to discuss issues affecting our industry. FWEDA members Renner Equipment Company, Smith Valley Garage, Stotz Equipment, Carter Agri Systems, Neff Livestock, Ott's Farm Equipment and APCO Equipment attended at the Nevada State Capitol.


Nixing the Fix: A Workshop on Repair Restrictions

Nixing the Fix: A Workshop on Repair Restrictions will focus on how manufacturers may limit repairs by consumers and repair shops and whether those limitations affect consumer protection, including consumers’ rights under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Right-to-Repair Is Not What It Seems

Proposed legislation to advance the right-to-repair agenda sweeps the equipment industry into potential regulatory compliance with unintended, negative consequences. Far West Equipment Dealers Association, working with the Equipment Dealers Association and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, educates lawmakers and consumers about these consequences.

Customers Bear the Brunt of Altering Equipment

Tinkering with tractors has taken on new life in the face of technology. Increased productivity and reduced downtime replace the simplicity of hands-on repairs. This evolution brought about by technology sparked the heated debate over a customer’s Right-to-Repair equipment taking the country by storm.

EPA Ramps up Enforcement of Emissions Standards

Given the ease of acquiring the applications necessary to modify power and emissions features across the equipment and vehicle industry, many people seem surprised to find it’s a violation of the Clean Air Act to manufacture, sell or install parts that bypass, defeat or render inoperative any emissions control device.

Equipment Industry Advances Tools for Customers To diagnose and Repair Equipment

The equipment industry is committed to providing the tools necessary to diagnose and repair equipment to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Machinery manufacturers and dealers have a vested interest in meeting end user needs so customers can focus on growing successful businesses.

Agreement Aims To Speed Tractor Repairs

As farm equipment becomes more high-tech and computerized, diagnosing and fixing even simple problems often requires farmers to rely on equipment dealers’ shops to do the work, resulting in longer downtimes and lost productivity.

Agreement Streamlines Repair of High-Tech Equipment

Far West Equipment Dealers Association signed an agreement with the California Farm Bureau Federation memorializing an industry commitment to support customers in diagnosing and repairing their equipment.

Dealer Day at the Capital Sways Lawmakers

Equipment dealers sat down with lawmakers and staffers during FWEDA’s Dealer Day at the Sacramento Capital April 4 to outline the potential negative consequences of the proposed California Right to Repair Act, AB 2110. Bill sponsor Susan Eggman withdrew the bill the following week. Far West followed the day by drafting an agreement based on the industry’s statement of principles calling for California’s equipment industry to work cooperatively with the state’s Farm Bureau to implement solutions without legislation.

Wyoming Dealers Defeat 2018 R2R Bill

Far West equipment dealers convinced Wyoming legislators in February that WY HB 91, the “Right to Repair Farm Equipment,” would have unintended, negative consequences as written.

EPA & DOJ Settle with Derive Systems

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a settlement with Derive Systems (Derive) to address the sale of approximately 363,000 aftermarket products designed to defeat the emissions control systems of cars and trucks in violation of the Clean Air Act.

EPA Enforcement

Motor vehicle engines and off-road vehicles and engines must meet CAA emissions standards. These standards apply to cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles and engines, generators, farm and construction machines, lawn and garden equipment, marine engines and locomotives. In addition, the composition of fuels used to operate mobile sources, including gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel and blends of these fuels, are also regulated under the CAA.

R2R Solutions

Members of the Ag Sector Board of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the board of directors of the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) have agreed to make a series of diagnostic and repair tools available to end users of tractors and combines put into service by 2021.

I Make America

I Make America is the grassroots campaign of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which advocates for policies that support manufacturing jobs and help America's equipment manufacturers compete globally.

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