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Talking Technology with... Owen Palm, 21st Century Equipment

As we’ve all learned, the skillset possessed by a really good precision ag technology specialist is hard to find. They are in high demand and thus expensive, and they take extensive training to develop. So why waste your truly valuable time dealing with the basics? I strongly believe these mainstream technologies should be installed, diagnosed and repaired by our service technicians. READ MORE>>

C&K Equipment Sales Inc.: Delivers a Legacy of Dedication

Dedicated employees who are more than willing to go the extra mile to get the job done are a rare breed. Bob Gieselman is one of them. "They don't make them like that anymore," C&K Equipment General Manager Brad Walden said of his long-time Parts Assistant. READ MORE>>

#Dealersmatter: Mobile Ag

Mobile Ag & Industrial Supply is a shortline only dealership in Bakersfield, Calif., carrying McCormick, Versatile and JCB, along with a number of other specialty equipment brands. While owners Kari and David Mitchell had the opportunity to open a location that carried one of the major OEMs, after looking at the company’s requirements, they decided it wasn’t for them. LISTEN TO PODCAST>>

Modifying Policies without Sacrificing Quality

Adjusting to the service realities caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Stotz Equipment’s 18-person precision farming team has been able to maintain a high level of customer support, relying on telematic tools and proactive communication with farmers and also internally with each other. Changes implemented by Stotz Equipment in response to Covid-19 include, travel restrictions, employees being asked if they are not feeling well to work from home if possible and limited exposure to customers, requiring scheduled appointments with customers and permission to come onto the farm. READ MORE>>

Park Your Pride at the Door

“Dad looked at me and said, ‘Eric, I need you to start running the operations of the business because I’m getting tired of these guys ... I’m afraid I’m going to tell them to send their trucks, load up all their stuff and go.’” In this very open conversation, Mason recaps the history of a dealership that for many years was run out of Grandpa’s garage and speaks frankly about some near-disastrous situations that they were fortunate to avoid, and learn from. LISTEN TO PODCAST>>


Kern Machinery: 50 years and looking toward the future

“It's doing good business today, but with an eye to the future on how do we need to be changing, what are the preparations, and bringing along the next generation whether it's these or others … we need youth. We need brighter ideas and the old guard needs to in some cases, get out of the way,” says Clayton Camp on what lies ahead for Kern Machinery. LISTEN TO PODCAST>>


One-on-One with Bill Garton of Garton Tractor

In this colorful and entertaining interview, Garton recaps his 40 years in the business (the early 1980s were the ideal time to earn your chops, he says), how the dealership was one of the earliest to take a chance on the Japanese tractor everyone was laughing at, and how Ford Tractor stepped into acquire the business until Bill’s dad Bud could buy it back. LISTEN TO PODCAST>>


Making Your Equipment Dealership Leverageable, Auditable & Financeable

Kern Machinery needed support for the growth of the larger footprint the company was seeking. Enter Marty Buck. After big-company experience in the computer and food industries, Buck joined Kern Machinery in 2008, excited to play a key role in preparing for both acquisition and succession. Learn Buck’s view on what exactly a CFO’s role is, accounting, succession planning, why ag is a great career choice and more. READ MORE>>

RDO Equipment Co.: Moving Forward with CRM

North American farm equipment dealerships are at various phases of adopting and developing Customer Relationship Management systems. Some are still trying to figure it out, while others are well along in their CRM development. RDO Equipment Co. is one of the industry’s pioneers when it comes to implementing a CRM system. As one of John Deere’s largest dealer groups, with more than 60 locations in 9 states and more than 2,200 employees, RDO is in the forefront of adopting the technology. READ MORE>>

Briggs Teaches Us a Thing or Two About What's Important

Meet Briggs, a busy, rambunctious 2.5-year-old. A month ago, Briggs underwent brain surgery. On the night before his surgery, his parents, knowing he’d be cooped up for a while post-surgery, gave Briggs the choice to go anywhere he wanted – the zoo, the trampoline park, bowling, or the park. But Briggs chose to visit his local RDO Equipment Co. store. READ MORE>>


Evergreen Business Rooted in Company Culture

EVERGREEN Journal — Paced Growth is an essential principle of successful Evergreen businesses. While growth can be organic or accomplished through new ventures, some Evergreen companies will choose to grow through acquisition.

Tom Rosztoczy, CEO of Stotz Equipment, has guided his Evergreen company to grow from three John Deere dealerships in Arizona to 25 stores in eight Western states over the past 20 years. In his presentation from the Tugboat Institute Summit 2018, Tom shares the key factors of that successful acquisition journey and the core values that are integrated into each new acquisition to continue to propel his Evergreen business forward. WATCH VIDEO>>


Winning Equipment Demo Programs are Timeless

Winning Equipment Demo Programs is an extensive, informational cheat-sheet behind the fundamentals of on-field equipment demos and what to expect out of both your employees and customers throughout the process.

  • Educate on the basics of successful on-farm demos and when it is appropriate to follow through with one.
  • Enlighten on the specific do’s and don’ts during demos with firsthand accounts from successful managers.
  • Enable to close every sale afterward with a walkthrough on post-demo follow-ups.
  • Empower to achieve the same promising results as other dealers who have experienced unprecedented success rates while conducting demos.



Inside the Dealer Executive Roundtable

Farm Equipment Magazine gathered 4 Dealership of the Year Alumni for a candid, face-to-face exchange on issues facing today’s industry. Participants included RDO Equipment and Clint Schnoor, president, Agri-Service LLC. READ MORE>>


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