Right to Repair Mechanic with Wrenches

FWEDA hosts a session with manufacturers and dealers, 9:30 a.m. Nov. 12 at the Hyatt Monterey, for an overview of the diagnostic and repair tools available to end users, along with a panel discussion on best practices for working with end users to diagnose and repair their equipment.

In September 2018, California Farm Bureau and Far West Equipment Dealers Association memorialized the equipment industry’s Statement of Principles that supports farmers’ and ranchers’ right to repair their equipment, avoiding the unintended negative consequences of proposed legislation.

Proposed “right-to-repair” bills have been introduced across FWEDA’s territory of seven states, to date none has passed. To the extent not already available, the equipment industry committed to provide complete diagnostic tools and guides, service manuals and other necessary information to make repairs and maintain equipment by January 2021. This program demonstrates that commitment.

Despite this, a vocal group of independent repair providers continue to advance a false narrative that end users are unable to repair their equipment, which led to President Biden’s Executive Order of July 9th, the Federal Trade Commission’s Policy Statement on “right to repair,” and the introduction of HR 4006, a national “right-to-repair” bill.

The purchase, repair and maintenance of agricultural equipment transcends a transactional relationship, which is dramatically different than consumer products. This program discusses how the equipment industry is meeting its commitment and how dealers can distinguish themselves from independent repair providers. The session includes a demo of OEM diagnostic tools and discusses best practices in communicating with end users what’s available to them.

Panel Members
Russell Ball

Russell Ball is the South District Manager for 21st Century Equipment, a John Deere Dealer with 16 locations across Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming.

Phil Hastings

Phil Hastings is the Sales Director for N & S Tractor covering the thirteen locations in California and Oregon

Jarrod McGinnis

Jarrod McGinnis serves as the Division Customer Support Manager covering the 12 most western states for John Deere Co.

James Hudson

James Hudson is the Region Service Manager for the Western US and Canada for Case IH covering 13 states and 4 provinces.

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