The recent merger of three regional equipment dealer associations with the Equipment Dealers Association to form the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) includes appointing and electing a new NAEDA Board of Directors. Appointments and elections of officers will be conducted on July 25, 2022, at the inaugural NAEDA Board Meeting in Kansas City, MO.
NAEDA Board members include Wally Butler (Canada), Mazergroup; Ian Carey (Western Region), RDO Equipment Co.; Jon Castongia (United Region), Castongia Tractor; Ivan Dorhout (Iowa-Nebraska Region), Town & Country Implement; Brad Hershey (Northeast Region), Hoober, Inc.; Eric Mason (Far West Region), Mason Machinery, Inc.; Ross Morgan (United Region), H&R Agri-Power, Inc.; Joe Nash (Midwest Southeastern Region), Ayres-Delta Implement; Jared Nobbe (Midwest Southeastern Region), Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners; Les Olson (North Central Region), Plains Ag, LLC; Landis Stankievech (Canada), Trochu Motors Ltd.; Josh Vines (Deep Southern Region), Goldman Equipment, LLC; and Ken Wagner (Western Region), Heritage Tractor, Inc.

The merging associations wrote the bylaws to guarantee control of the national association: ”Dealer Members located in those states that are within the Regions designated ‘Western,’ ‘United,’ and ‘Midwest Southeastern’ above shall be entitled to two votes per retail sales and/or service location … Dealer Members located in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia shall be entitled to two votes per retail sales and/or service location.” Based on EDA membership merging associations could cast 3,930 votes to 1,198 from non-merging associations.

Each merging association received two board seats, except for WEDA, which received four board seats – two for the United States and two for Canada. The remaining five regional associations receive one board seat.

NAEDA is headquartered in Kansas City, MO and its Canadian office is in Calgary, AB.

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