We are excited to announce that Secuvant, an industry-leading cybersecurity firm, is providing Far West Equipment Dealers Association (FWEDA) members a “Clear Path Forward” as they work to establish digital-security protocols, customized to each client, that not only protect companies from cyber threats but build the foundation for their entire digital infrastructure.

Cyber incidents can take a variety of forms within dealerships. A phishing attack, ransomware, a breach of customer information or even compromised software on a piece of equipment can all have devastating effects on your business. FWEDA and Secuvant want to better understand your current operations, future concerns and assess the risks that your business faces, so we’d appreciate your participation in a survey.

The survey results will be analyzed by Secuvant and reported back to those who participate. We have two different versions of the survey, depending on your role in the dealership. If you are receiving this survey and do not fit either description below, we’d ask that you forward this email to the appropriate person in the dealership.

If you are an owner, principal, general manager, or similar executive position, please take this survey.
If you are IT staff within the dealership (even if IT is not your only role), please take this survey.

Secuvant is currently offering special pricing on packaged security service bundles and consulting services specifically designed to protect member dealers. Secuvant will consult with you on your dealerships’ individual needs, identify risks, create action plans, and offer an on-going platform for protection from digital threats. If and when an incident occurs, Secuvant stands by their clients every step of the way.

Survey closes April 9, 2021.

To learn more about how Secuvant could help protect your business, please visit agce.secuvant.com, call 855.732.8826, or email sales@secuvant.com.

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