Colorado lawmakers propose SB 200 to set the state’s Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) “on a linear more stringent path” that finalizes implementing rules severely curbing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by March 1, 2022. The bill passed Transportation & Energy and Finance Committees on a party line vote.

SB 200 was referred to the Colorado Assembly’s Senate Appropriations Committee. No hearing date was set as of May 5.

The bill will set specific net emission weight limits for various emission sectors, subject to modification by the AQCC, including through the use of a multi-sector program. The law would require utility providers to achieve a 100-percent reduction in GHG emissions by 2040 compared to 2005 levels. It would also prohibit AQCC from excluding GHG emissions from annual emissions fee, and it gives the agency authority to make rules and charge an annual emissions fees to engage “disproportionately impacted communities.”

The law would create an ombudsman and establishes an advisory board to promote “environmental justice” in Colorado.

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