Commercial business fires are on the rise. There were more than 110,000 non-residential building fires in 2019 – only 3.4 percent of which were caused by natural disasters.1 The remaining 96.6 percent of fires may have been preventable and often resulted in property damage, smoke-damaged inventory, lost revenue, and, most importantly, life-changing employee injuries and even death. National Fire Prevention Week, October 3-9, 2021, is an excellent time to reinforce fire safety with your employees, and we’re here to help.

Ignite safety – not flames – at your business this October by holding an employee safety meeting with the help of our Fire Safety Talking Points and Employee Training Video. Also, take a moment to review a Fire Prevention Checklist.

Could It Happen to You?

An old space heater that was left running unattended overnight sparked an electrical fire. The flames quickly spread to a nearby wall. The building and contents sustained more than $10 million in damage.

Keep the Conversation Going

Access industry-specific fire hazard sample checklists, posters, training videos, and more anytime by logging in to mySHIELD®. New to mySHIELD? Call the Client Contact Center at 1-888-333-4949 to register.

Source: Federated Insurance

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