Although the landmark Wayfair ruling offers brick-and-mortar retailers a more even-handed application of the sales tax laws, compliance could cost equipment dealerships an average of $100,000. Regardless of dealership location, selling to out of state customers subjects dealers to new sales tax collection and reporting requirements. To support dealers in understanding the new rules, FWEDA is partnering with legal and financial experts to provide resources and consultations on sales tax and compliance issues. As part of this collaboration, association members are eligible for limited free consultations and a flat-rate analysis of possible sales tax liability issues.

Members will receive a confidential, individualized legal analysis of their sales tax situation based on the states in which they sell. Along with this analysis, FWEDA provides a Sales Tax Assistant from its Members-Only portal, a step-by-step walk through the compliance process and other resources across FWEDA’s seven-state territory. FWEDA is coordinating with other dealer associations to provide access to similar information for states outside of the Association’s territory. For information on this program, email or call 800.576.8850 for details.

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