The Global Organization for Agricultural Robotics (GOFAR) hosts FIRA Open Day 2022, a day-long, virtual event May 12-13. It’s a preview to FIRA USA 2022, scheduled Oct. 18-20 in Fresno, California, and co-sponsored by FWEDA.

Live demonstrations of autonomous machinery and panel discussions on the implementation and challenges facing agricultural robotics comprise the event. Specifically:

Demonstrations include:

  • Precision cotton pickers
  • Seeding, tracing furrows, weeding robotics
  • Autonomous electric vehicles
  • Crop monitoring devices

Panel discussions:

  • “The technological challenges faced by robot manufacturers,” featuring engineers and business leaders of agricultural robotic manufacturers
  • “Ag Robotics in Oceania: a well-organized value chain,” featuring industry experts

FIRA Open Day 2022’s web-hosted platform allows for extensive networking with suppliers, manufacturers, and industry experts from around the world, with built-in chat functionality. Registrants will also have access to recordings of the events if they are unable to tune in live and view recordings from Open Day 2021. With no cost to attend and participate, FIRA Open Day provides a free educational opportunity from your home.

FIRA Open Day 2022 also gives a glimpse of what to expect from the 3-day, in-person FIRA USA event in October. Held in the heart of California’s farmland, FIRA USA dives deep into research and development, technology and business, and demonstrations of agricultural robotics. Far West Equipment Dealers Association is a premier sponsor and will host an equipment pavilion with learning opportunities at the October event in Fresno.


The GOFAR non-profit organization undertakes to promote and develop the agricultural robotics sector at the international level. GOFAR meets the increasing need for visibility and networking in the agricultural robotics sector.

GOFAR, therefore, aims to organize the meeting between the relevant stakeholders and to support them by taking an active part in the development of the agricultural robotics market hence implementing a promotional campaign on an international scale (organization of events, production of actions of communication and participation of trade fairs in France and abroad).

The GOFAR association focuses its activity on four main workstreams:

  • Organizing annually the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics (FIRA), both online and in-person in Toulouse (France);
  • Setting up international collaborations;
  • Development of an information platform around the Agricultural Robotics sector –;
  • Creation and animation of a network of leading international experts in agricultural robotics.

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