Right to Repair Mechanic with Wrenches

By Joani Woelfel

The equipment industry is committed to providing the tools necessary to diagnose and repair equipment to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Machinery manufacturers and dealers have a vested interest in meeting end user needs so customers can focus on growing successful businesses.

Major and shortline manufacturers and dealers demonstrate their support for a customer’s right to repair machinery as memorialized in a statement of principles authored by manufacturers and equipment dealers across the country:

“To the extent not already available, the maintenance, diagnostic and repair information listed below will be made available to end users through authorized agricultural dealers at fair and reasonable terms, beginning with tractors and combines put into service on or after January 1, 2021. End users will also be able to purchase or lease diagnostic tools through authorized agricultural dealers. Certain information and tools may be available earlier.”

Dealers are committed to provide access to:
  • Manuals (Operator, Parts, Service)
  • Product Guides
  • Product Service Demonstrations, Training, Seminars or Clinics
  • Fleet Management Information
  • On-Board Diagnostics via diagnostics port or wireless interface
  • Electronic Field Diagnostic Service Tools and training on how to use them
  • Other publications with information on service, parts, operation and safety

Many of the necessary tools to diagnose and repair equipment are already available for consumers who want to use them. Nevertheless, customers more often choose authorized dealers to provide parts and service to ensure qualified and expedited results. In cases where the balance of tools and technology are working to catch up in the marketplace, industry leaders assure consumers they are making strides.

“Farm equipment manufacturers and their dealers recognize their customers’ maintenance and repair needs, and are committed to providing them with the service they require. By 2021 – or in some cases sooner — manufacturers will provide diagnostic and repair information and tools to farmers,” Stephanie See, director of state government and industry relations, Associated Equipment Manufactures (AEM), said.

“Fulfilling this commitment is a complex undertaking and manufacturers are in varying stages of research, design, and testing to meet the approaching self-imposed deadline,” she said. “We remain committed to preserving the integrity of equipment and the significant investments manufacturers make in developing the next generation of farm equipment.”

The equipment industry supports these efforts in myriad ways, and we encourage end-users to find resources and follow our progress at www.fweda.com/r2r:

  • Industry leaders demonstrate diagnostic and repair tools to farmers, ranchers and contractors across the country (https://www.aem.org/news/aem-cohosts-newhampshire-right-to-repair-demoday/); Wyoming and California dealers provided similar opportunities in the past 18 months, convincing lawmakers and constituents that proposed right-to-repair legislation is unnecessary
  • We advocate at the state and national level for increased funding, resources and construction of infrastructure and broadband access to address the demands of technology and consumer needs to sustain agriculture and construction vital to our stakeholders
  • We are steadfast in developing a workforce of the future; we champion grass-roots efforts extending nationwide to partner with agencies and organizations that rely on a qualified workforce to build and maintain healthy, thriving communities in which we live

Equipment dealers value customer relationships. We are here to serve and support you. Please do not hesitate to contact your dealer or Far West Equipment Dealers Association for more information and resources about your right to repair

Joani Woelfel is president and CEO of Far West Equipment Dealers Association, a nonprofit trade group representing agricultural, industrial, material handling, hardware, lumber, outdoor power and rental equipment dealers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. This comprises nearly 300 equipment dealerships across seven states whose contributions serve to enhance a healthy economy.

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