Meet Briggs, a busy, rambunctious2.5-year-old. A month ago, Briggs underwent brain surgery.

On the night before his surgery, his parents, knowing he’d be cooped up for a while post-surgery, gave Briggs the choice to go anywhere he wanted – the zoo, the trampoline park, bowling, or the park. But Briggs chose to visit his local RDO Equipment Co. store.

He climbed on the tractors, marveling at their size, and likely imagined himself riding inside one. According to Briggs’s mom, “He was in his glory!” Briggs is home now, after a successful surgery, and back to his normal self – climbing, running, and carpet farming – and we couldn’t be happier to hear it. As a company, RDO strives to provide our customers the solutions they need.

But we also know that these machines can do so much more than move dirt. Thanks for stopping by, Briggs. (Photo captured by Amber, Briggs’s mom)

— Courtesy of RDO Equipment

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