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Company, Culture & Solutions:
The Future of Selling


Nov. 6 – 8, 2019
Phoenix Marriott Tempe at the Buttes
2000 W. Westcourt Way, Tempe, Arizona  85282


Connect with leaders breaking through on latest trends

Far West 2019 Convention Tempe Arizona

Join us Nov. 6-8 in Tempe, Arizona, for the 2019 FWEDA Experience: Company, Culture & Solutions — The Future of Selling, as we examine how the real market differentiators — your company, its culture and the ability to solve problems — create a catalyst for revenue. Our presenters engage audiences with innovative thought leadership and explore business trends advancing the future of sales: 

  • Leverage Human Behavior to Drive Business Growth
  • Bring Brand Clarity and Voice to the Customer Relationship
  • Redefine Brick-and-Mortar and Online Presence to Rival Competitors
  • Pioneer Talent and Recruitment with a Passionate Vision
  • Get Insight into the State of the Equipment Industry

Keynote presentations, interactive sessions, dealer roundtables and a shortened schedule deliver the 2019 FWEDA Experience where owners, employees and industry partners find valuable networking opportunities, get a chance to renew friendships and acquaintances, and gain from inspiring takeaways for leadership and business success.

What's your noise? Build a company culture that converts to revenue

Ken Schmidt is one of the business world’s most outspoken and provocative thought leaders on topics such as competitiveness, marketplace advocacy and loyalty. His philosophy on driving business growth — by leveraging basic drivers of human behavior — will change the way you see the world. It might even make you want to buy a motorcycle.

Ken’s best known for his work with Harley-Davidson, the legendary American motorcycle manufacturer. As its former director of communications, he shaped the company’s competitive positioning and served as its primary spokesperson to the media and financial communities in the 1980s through the mid ‘90s. His success in helping rebuild the company’s brand played a vital role in its against-all-odds turnaround from the brink of ruin to global dominance. Read More
























Niki Schwan is a Trend Expert and Creative Consultant who brings a brand to life, articulating brand voice visually and aesthetically, across all platforms. She walks the audience through defining and preserving a brand’s identity and conveying a strong, distinctive voice. Her approach to the client journey transcends industries, giving inspired vision to every medium, and amplifying the caliber and content of brand messaging to stand out in the market, reach a broader audience and generate more selling opportunities. 

A trusted source of style expertise to top celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Dita Von Teese and Scarlett Johansson, Schwan's contributions extend to A-List music publications like VIBE and Rolling Stone, and to fashion’s elite Harper's Bazaar and VOGUE. Corporate clients and partnerships include Vh1, MTV, Universal Records & Films, Viacom Network, Nokia and Target. She took the interior design industry by storm when her fine-tuned eye was recently featured in Architectural Digest.

Schwan was raised in California's Central Valley with deep roots in farming, ranching and agriculture. She combines her passion for quality fare, health and wellness as an ambassador for farm fresh living and the rural lifestyle. Watch her in action following her general session presentation with a Masterclass in Farm to Table Style. Read More



The retail world is undergoing a seismic shift. Even major luxury brands are slashing their workforce and closing doors in response to new retail challenges. The retail industry is letting online shopping win by trying to fight tech with tech, rather than focusing on and fixing the in-person experiences that give brick-and-mortar stores real advantages.

This is the wrong approach. Since 1994, Bob Phibbs has been transforming businesses big and small into thriving retail operations by giving them the tools to succeed in a challenging brick-and-mortar retail market. Bob Phibbs, is the Retail Doctor; a speaker, author of three books and retail sales expert of choice for some of the most legendary retail brands including, LEGO, Omega, and Yamaha. With over 30 years’ experience, beginning in the trenches of luxury retail and extending to senior management positions, he has been a corporate officer, franchisor and entrepreneur. He and his work have appeared in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Read More
























Ron Nilson says he is an example of the “Great American Dream,” and his passion is to share how he attained that dream with others — by giving back to an industry that’s given him so much. Nilson started at the bottom and worked his way up through the ranks. He is now Chairman of the Board, CEO, and Owner of Ground Force Worldwide (GFWW), which builds mine support equipment for open pit and underground mines. The company exports 70 percent of its equipment outside the United States. Nilson has worked directly with CATERPILLAR® and their dealers worldwide for 37 years.

Nilson shares an inspiring story of his struggles as a young man, his gratitude for the chance he was given, and the path that led him into an apprenticeship program. In his leadership role, Nilson details his approach to a company culture that fuels not only the success of his company, but also recruitment and retention of his employees. He’s deeply invested in efforts to help the at-risk community develop skills and gainful employment in his work with Kootenai Technical Education Campus in Idaho. Nilson said the program has a 100-percent graduation rate, 99.5-percent placement rate, with graduates who each receive 3.49 job offers. Read More










U.S. Equipment Industry Forecast with Ann Duignan

Ann Duignan provides unparalleled acumen into the state of the equipment industry. Duignan is a managing director at J.P. Morgan, covering the U.S. machinery sector. She has ranked first and second in the Institutional Investor’s All America Research Team survey and the Greenwich Poll for more than a decade. Duignan joined J.P. Morgan from Bear Stearns, where she was the diversified industrials analyst for five years. Read More










The Value of Hiring FWEDA

Patrick "Pat" McGaughey, CPF, IOM will show attendees how the next generation of dealers will define the value of FWEDA and other organizations that they don't want to join but will be eager to hire and/or contract with when the dealership is handed off to them. "The Value of Hiring FWEDA" highlights include:
- The 1 percent factor of impact of FWEDA
- The next term for 'Membership'
- The value in perpetuity and the real ROI of FWEDA
- The bonus value of FWEDA
- and ... how to multiply the value of FWEDA

Patrick H. McGaughey, CPF, IOM is a certified professional facilitator, an international speaker and a 20-year veteran faculty member for the United States Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization Management at major universities across the U.S. Read More










Employee Stock Ownership Plans, a key to succession

Lance Formwalt discusses Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) as a tool for succession planning within a dealer organization. With limited succession planning options available to many dealers today, it is important for dealers to understand ESOPs. Formwalt will break down ESOPs using straightforward terms to explain the benefits to sellers, dealership management, dealership employees and manufacturers.

Formwalt and his firm, Seigfreid Bingham, serve as legal counsel to several equipment dealer associations and represent many individual equipment dealerships.  He assists dealers and associations in negotiating dealer agreements and related financing, drafting and enforcing fair dealership statutes, mergers and acquisitions, and succession planning.  Read More










Data Security risk reaches critical mass

Cyber-crime is the fastest-growing and most dynamic exposure in business today. Hardly a day goes by that we don't hear about a data security breach or an incident of hackers compromising sensitive information. Jerry Leemkuil, Field Manager, Association Risk Management Services at Federated Insurance, discusses several layers of risk management that help reduce a business's exposure, as well as coverage options available to transfer this risk to an insurance carrier.

Leemkuil has served in a marketing role with Federated for 29 years and oversees association relationships for the western United States. He is an Iowa native receiving his degrees in business administration and accounting from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Read More


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