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California Ag Leadership Program

New crop of ag leaders up to the challenge

California Agriculture Leadership Program inspires optimism

For all the negativity surrounding my chosen profession, ag communications is one facet of journalism that I'm tremendously fortunate to have stumbled upon over 20 years ago. In preparing to write the story you'll read here on the California Agriculture Leadership Program, I spoke with several people who make me optimistic about an industry peppered with pessimism.

There's no denying the laundry list of challenges facing American agriculture and farmers today, and growers in the West may well be at the epicenter. With such an onslaught of regulatory constraints sown in California, it's not difficult to be bearish. Yet for all there is to be concerned about, a new sense of optimism was borne from chatting with graduates of the California Agriculture Leadership Program.

The leadership program is not one of those programs you join to learn about agriculture, though I'm sure there are discussions among participants that are helpful to this end. Rather, it's a program aimed at shaping the next generations of leaders tasked with sustaining a vital American industry. One of the take-home messages I gleaned from my interviews was the willingness of those involved to be a part of the solution. Each person I spoke with talked of the importance of personal growth and networking.

I like what Tulare County Farm Bureau Executive Director Tricia Stever-Blattler told me. As an agricultural advocate she can be in the minority in diverse and complex policy discussions. If the leadership program taught her anything, it's that building better leaders for agriculture is crucial.


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