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Are You Prepared for the 2019 Legislative Sessions?

Our series of 30-minute courses in our “online training” program is resuming soon.  Back by popular demand, these quick sessions will give you an opportunity to receive online classroom training right at your desktop!  The webinars will provide you with the essentials you need to stay up-to-date with our most recently released features, as well as provide a “refresher” on the valuable tools you already use.  Each one of the eight courses will focus on a specific topic listed below:

  1. Term SearchingTerm searching is an invaluable tool which allows you to find legislative and regulatory content that matches your interest without having to know bill or citation numbers.  This course will cover the basic of State Net Boolean logic, how to limit your searches to Title Summary, how to conduct a search within a search and working with your Solutions Consultant to improve your search results.
  2. Intuitive Topic Searching:  Easily browse and search over 1,200 topics to find the bills and regulations you need to monitor.  Search keywords to locate the State Net topics that are the most relevant to your issues.  You can create, edit and save with multiple topics so you can quickly find all your issues at once.  This course will cover  Topic Searches, Ad Hoc Searches (Author, Location) and how to search for Archived Records, Ballot Measures and Executive Orders.
  3. Analytical Tools:  This course will demonstrate our Bill Resources, Code Linking and Effective Dates features, which are powerful tools that support analytical decision making.
  4. Tracking Capabilities:  Gives you a way to organize, prioritize and streamline your legislative and regulatory workflow by creating custom-designed organizational structures.  This course will help you make the best use of Headings & Tags, Commentary and Attachments.
  5. New! Local OrdinancesFind, track and manage city and county proposals and rules.  Learn how you can search for local measures and any related documents, on our platform so you can retrieve relevant intelligence at any time.
  6. Monitoring Regulations:  Search for non-rulemaking documents such as bulletins and notices by Term or Phrase.  These documents can now be searched in conjunction with our full Proposed and Adopted Regulatory Content or can be isolated and searched on their own.  Learn to broaden your searches to include our entire regulatory service.
  7. Generating Reports & Alert Setup:  Learn how to create customized reports and recurring alerts to stay up-to-date with the most important legislative and regulatory content you wish to follow.
  8. New! Progress Bar & Momentum Meter:  Learn when a bill has a fiscal impact by viewing our updated Progress Bar.  Fiscal Committees and Concurrence stages are now displayed so you have time to react and our new Momentum Meter provides clearer insight into the viability of a bill.

Stay a step ahead and join one of our training sessions to make sure you are taking full advantage of State Net. Pre-registration is available now.  CLICK HERE to view a list of classes and register today.

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